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Thursday, 23 March 2017 18:59

Rep. Leach Thanks Ducey for Signing Initiative Process Law Featured

Matthew Specht

Representative Leach Praises Governor Ducey for Signing New Law Restoring Integrity to Arizona’s Initiative Process

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representative Vince Leach (R-11) today praised Governor Doug Ducey for signing HB 2404 into law. The legislation, sponsored by Representative Leach, restores integrity to Arizona’s initiative process by removing the incentive for fraud.

HB 2404 prohibits the payment of petition circulators per signature and modifies the number of days from five calendar days to ten business days within which a challenge to the registration of circulators can occur.

“This commonsense reform keeps our state's valued initiative process intact as a legislative tool for Arizonans yet ensures much needed integrity in the system by removing the incentive for fraud,” said Representative Leach. “I thank my colleagues in the Legislature and Governor Ducey for enacting this critical new law.”

Former Governor Janet Napolitano first advocated for the reform in 2009, using her State of the State address to ask the legislature to “crack down on signature fraud” by prohibiting the payment of petition circulators per signature.

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