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Friday, 03 March 2017 11:23

Large Raptors to Descend on Watters Garden Center Featured

Ken Davis

It’s time to take flight at Watters Garden Center

Prescott, Arizona - With razor sharp hooked beaks, powerful grasping talons, and wingspans that can be more than 5 feet, Arizona's birds of prey are magnificent to watch and essential to our native environment. Watters Garden Center is partnering with Arizona’s Raptor Experience in Chino Valley to teach local gardeners about birds in the landscape.

Saturday, March 4, at 9:30 am these majestic birds take flight at Watters Garden Center during a free class and demonstration. Students learn the right trees for protection, water and nesting needs, and foods that attract more birds into the gardens. Raptor Experience's birds spark a connection between people and nature and inspire curiosity and concern about natural conservation issues. The birds are living examples that show what we all have to lose if we aren't more careful with our environment.

Fantastic photo opportunities abound during flying demonstrations of several local birds of prey and their even larger African cousins. This will be an awe-inspiring class for students of all ages. Free to the gardening public.

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