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Friday, 03 March 2017 10:41

Legislation Tackles New Synthetic Drugs Featured

Matt Specht

Senate Health and Human Services Committee Passes Legislation Sponsored by Rep. Carter Tackling New Synthetic Drugs

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representative Heather Carter (R-15) applauded the Senate Health and Human Services Committee for passing legislation (HB 2033) this week that she has sponsored to add several new drugs to the lists of dangerous drugs, narcotics, and Schedule 1 substances.

“Nearly as quickly as we can classify and ban dangerous new drugs, illicit drug manufacturers look for new ways to alter drugs to get around the law and get these drugs into the hands of our children,” said Representative Carter. “With this important legislation, we can help keep these new drugs off the street.”

In addition to HB 2033, the Senate Health and Human Services also passed two other related pieces of legislation sponsored by Representative Carter:

· HB 2031 would bring online pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers under the same regulations that govern brick and mortar pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers.

· HB 2032 would require pharmacists to alert any change in the licensee's home address or employer online using software implemented by the Board of Pharmacy.

The Arizona State Legislature also is considering other bills aimed at tightening the distribution of drugs:

· SB 1134, sponsored by Senator Nancy Barto, would require that anyone who sells, distributes, or disposes of certain drugs to obtain a permit from the Board of Pharmacy.

· HB 2308, sponsored by Representative Carter, would provide oversight into how to prevent fraudulent medicines from being passed on to consumers.

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