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Today: 22.Jun.2018
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Sunday, 05 February 2017 19:17

Bill's Newscast: Prescott Valley is a Pretty Safe Place to Live

Prescott Valley ranked #5 in mid-sized cities, with a crime score 1,471. Prescott’s crime score is 2,018.

According to a consumer research company, Prescott Valley is pretty safe. Value Penguin has rated Prescott Valley the 5th safest mid-sized city in Arizona and the 15th safest Arizona city overall. The company had analyzed the latest FBI crime reports to determine the safety status. Despite the fact that Phoenix has a population of 1 and a half million people, none of the Top 5 are suburbs of that major city. Cities and towns in different parts of the state, dominate in the Value Penguin report. In other states such as Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, affluent suburbs of major cities dominate the Top 5. Camp Verde is ranked 6th on the mid-sized city list and 16th overall. Clarkdale is ranked second overall and number 1 on the small cities list. Prescott is in at 24th overall and Chino Valley is 27th. The full report can be viewed online at

Last modified on Monday, 06 February 2017 00:17
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