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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 22:27

Bill's Newscast: Shaken Baby on Missing List from Tampa, Florida

An 10-month-old baby rescued from an abuse situation was found to be registered as a Missing & Endangered child from Tampa, Florida, 

Jury scam targets Yavapai County residents

A jury scam continues to target Yavapai County residents.  The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office reports over the past few days, it has received numerous complaints from persons stating they have been called by a man claiming to be with the Sheriff’s Office.  This caller demands payment on a warrant for failure to appear for jury duty.  Fortunately, most of the victims were aware of news reports regarding the scam and simply hung up.  However, on Monday, a Prescott resident lost 785 dollars in the scam.  The victim told deputies she had received a call on her cell phone from a Frank Davenport, who claimed to be with the Sheriff’s Office.  The suspect told her there was a failure to appear and contempt of court warrant out for her arrest because she didn’t show up for Federal jury duty.  She took care of this fine using pre-paid credit cards, but found out later she had been scammed.  The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents it will never demand payment on a warrant by phone while demanding the use of pre-paid cards, and neither will a court officer.  Always verify demands by calling back on a published number for the agency involved.  

10-month-old child is on Missing & Endangered list from Tampa, Florida

It turns out the 10-month-old child involved in a recent child abuse incident in Cottonwood had been listed as missing out of Tampa, Florida.  Nineteen year old Khadija Greer-Simkins was captured on cell phone video poking the baby in the eyes and violently shaking the child at the corner of Main Street and Highway 260. Following Greer-Simkins’ arrest for aggravated assault, child abuse and endangerment; Cottonwood Police learned more about the child. Cottonwood Police Sergeant Tod Moore says this is a tragic story. Due to a miscommunication in reporting procedures, the missing and endangered status out of Florida wasn’t immediately known to Cottonwood officers. Florida authorities aren’t pressing kidnapping charges against Greer-Simkins or the child’s father, Udi Eli.  They are coming to Arizona this week to bring the child back to Florida, where she will be placed in foster care. 

Last modified on Thursday, 12 January 2017 08:50
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