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Today: 17.Jul.2018
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Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:06

On Sale This Week: Thanksgiving Fixin's Featured

Thanksgiving is next week. I know, really? Yes. Here are some deals you can find in the local stores. 

All major ads run through Thursday 11/24 due to the holiday.


Sprouts has a number of good holiday deals this week. One thing which sets Sprouts apart is that every Wednesday, you get not only the new deals for the upcoming week, you also get all the sale prices from last weeks ad. Also no card is necessary to receive sale prices. Sprouts Ads

Meat and seafood

Turkey—Fresh all natural turkeys $1.59/lb. Fresh free range Organic all natural turkeys $3.99/lb

Ham—Gourmet spiral sliced ham $2.49/lb

Beef—Presidential cut  standing rib roast $9.99/lb. Arizona grown choice filet mignon $16.99/lb

Shrimp—medium deveined $5.99/lb


Ripe pineapples $.88 each

Many varieties of apples were on last week’s ad for $.88/lb

Four varieties of pears are $.98 all week. Bosc, Bartlett, Comice and D’Anjou

Haas avocados $.88 each (Buy them in advance, they'll need to ripen)

Celery bunches $.69 each

Sweet potatoes, yams, acorn squash and butternut squash $.69/lb

Bulk foods

Walnuts $4.99/lb

Chocolate covered walnuts $5.99/lb

Dried Apricots $4.99/lb


Eggs—large brown cage free $2/dz

Whipping cream—Horizon Organic $2.50 each

Safeway (must have card to receive sale prices)

Safeway announces that they will match the lowest price offered by Fry’s or Basha’s on their premium Honeysuckle White turkey.

Safeway Ads

Meat and Seafood

Turkey—Fresh Jennie-O $1.99/lb

Ham—Hormel Cure-81 spiral sliced $1.77/lb

            Cook’s shank portion $1.27/lb

Beef—Choice New York roast whole in-the-bag $3.97/lb

Salmon—Fresh Norwegian Atlantic salmon $8.99/lb


Asparagus tips $5/package (10 oz)

Potatoes Russet red or gold $.99/lb

Yams or Sweet potatoes $.77/lb


Yogurt—Yoplait or Dannon $.50/each

Ice cream—Blue Bunny Buy One Get One Free

Lucerne whipping cream, sour cream, half and half 8 oz. $1/each

Other good deals

Foil roaster pans and other varieties $1/each

Chex cereal $2.50/each

Fry’s (must have card to receive sale prices)

Fry's Ad


Turkey Kroger frozen, free if you purchase a spiral sliced ham @ $2.49/lb, $.89/lb if you do not.

Turkey Foster Farms fresh $1.59/lb

Ham Surgardale shank portion $1.29/lb

Beef ribeye roast $5.99/lb


Eggs Simple Truth 18 count $3.99

Sour cream Kroger $1.25/each


Yams and sweet potatoes $.99/lb

Kale $.99/bunch

Asparagus $2.99/lb

Pineapple fresh whole $.99/each

Other good deals

Chips—Lay’s !.44 each when you buy 3

If you care to use digital coupons you may receive an extra $.50 off such items a Psst sugar, Bob’s Red Mill flour and Hershey Kisses.

Stocking Up

This is a good time to stock up on turkeys and other items that can be frozen. Turkey is great all year ‘round, plus extra turkeys offer an opportunity to test new recipes and methods of cooking. 

Roasted Turkey in a Hurry

Have you ever spatchcocked a bird? Unlikely, and yet it is a cooking technique with several important advantages.  Another term for this quick cooking method is “butterfly.. Although it sounds complicated when described in words, it is easily learned from a demonstration. Basically it involves removing the bird’s backbone and spreading it out more or less flat.  It is especially good if you’d like to barbecue.

The two major points about this process are: a. It is a lot faster than the usual “whole bird on its back” method and b. The breast meat and the dark meat get cooked in about the same amount of time, so they are both juicy and succulent. A spatchcocked small turkey can be done in as little as 45 min. vs. about 4 hours the regular way.  Another great result is that more of the turkey skin gets nicely crisped. The only negatives are that if carving the bird at the table is a major part of your ritual, it will be harder and not as satisfyingly spectacular, and you can’t cook any stuffing inside your bird.

This technique is also very good for roasting chickens and even game hens. Be sure with all types of poultry to watch the temperature as you cook. Check with a good instant read thermometer, because that bird might be done before you think. 

Turkey Biryani Roast

If you like Indian food (from India) you might want to give this Turkey Biryani Roast a whirl. It would be a great recipe to try on one of those not-Thanksgiving days, since it’s likely new to your family. 

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