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Monday, 12 September 2016 16:01

Flood Map Changes Save Residents Money Featured

Mike Phillips

Flood Insurance Rate Map changes save residents money

Flood Insurance Rate Maps for a portion of Scottsdale have been revised, meaning a reduction in flood insurance premiums for more than 800 property owners.

The changes come after an area along Rawhide Wash was restudied, from north of Happy Valley Road to south of Pinnacle Peak Road. The analysis took into account infrastructure improvements and improved flood modeling techniques.

The results indicated floodplains for that area could be reduced in size, removing more than 800 property owners from its boundaries and dropping a requirement that they carry flood insurance if they have a mortgage.

Not all the changes are good news for property owners. A small section of the Rawhide Wash floodplain was reclassified to reflect a higher risk of flooding.

Property owners in that area, totaling less than 200, may face added insurance costs, depending on their risk of structural flooding. They will have an opportunity to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess their individual risks. Based on those findings, they could see their insurance requirements remain unchanged or even dropped.

Scottsdale stormwater management staff can assist property owners with questions about this process.  For more information, please call 480-312-2500.

There are a number of resources available to learn more about Scottsdale’s stormwater program and federal flood insurance. They include:

Scottsdale Stormwater –, search “stormwater”

FEMA Flood Insurance Program --

FloodSmart --

Rawhide Wash flood zone area

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