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Sunday, 21 August 2016 19:37

Safety in the Workplace Featured

Prescott Chamber of Commerce

Preventing workplace injuries is key in avoiding lost employee time. 

Ergonomic injuries or musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), accounted for nearly 1/3rd of all workplace injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average time it takes to recuperate is 11 days.

That’s time away from work!

 MSDs are linked to:

•  Repetitive tasks (frequent reaching, lifting, carrying)

•  Overuse of muscles

•  Awkward postures

•  Forceful exertions (carrying or lifting heavy loads)

•  Static posture (maintaining fixed positions when working)

Common MSD injuries and symptoms may include tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, reduced range of motion, loss of strength, pain and swelling or numbness and tingling. To overcome MSDs, employers may want to consider “designing” the pain out of repeated tasks and aligning workplaces and work stations more closely with an employee’s physical capabilities.

For tips on how to design the pain away at a work station, you can contact CopperPoint’s Loss Control & Risk Management team for an evaluation, or order our Ergonomics safety card (LC-9415) off our website, .

The Prescott Chamber of Commerce has a safety program with Copperpoint that could reduce your workers compensation premiums. Contact Cooperpoint for further information.

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