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Thursday, 28 July 2016 07:35

Letter to the Editor: Making Sure You Get the Construction Work You Contract For Featured

Jeff Fleetham, Director, Arizona Registrar of Contractors

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors offers some steps to help ensure the construction work you contract for is the work you get.

Looking to remodel your home or need to hire a licensed contracting professional?  Have a problem with your construction project?

Contractors are required to be licensed in Arizona and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors is the state agency in charge of licensing and regulating construction contracting professionals.  

If you need to find a licensed contractor in your area, you can now search AZ ROC’s website ( for a company working in the classification you need and city you live.  If you have a problem with a construction project or need to file a complaint, you can also visit AZ ROC’s website to obtain complaint forms and learn about the process.

Did you know the AZ ROC’s Residential Recovery Fund is only available to eligible residential property owners who use licensed contractors?

In you’ve not yet hired a contractor, at AZ ROC’s website you can find an online list of steps to better help ensure the construction work you contract-for is the work you get.

In general, if you have a question related to a licensed contractor, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors is here.  You can find more information at or contact us by phone; toll free in AZ, at (877) 692-9762.

Jeff Fleetham, Director
Arizona Registrar of Contractors

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