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Bill's Newscast: PUSD Passes $22M Budget

Old Home Manor, PV Council, PUSD $22M budget

The 4th Annual Wade Parker Memorial Baseball Game takes place Saturday

A memorial baseball game to honor one of the fallen Granite Mountain Hot Shots.  The 4th annual Wade Parker Memorial Baseball Game will be played at Chino Valley High School on Center Street at 10 Saturday morning.  The Chino Valley Firefighter Foundation will grill up lunch and there will be a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses.  Proceeds will benefit the Wade Parker Scholarship Fund.  The 22-year-old Parker was killed along with 18 other Granite Mountain Hot Shots fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire on June 30, 2013.   He played baseball at Chino Valley High School and his father Danny is a retired Chino Valley Fire Captain.  The memorial baseball game is open to the public. 

Old Home Manor recreational uses under exploration

Proposed recreational uses at Old Home Manor in Chino Valley are being explored. Property at Old Home Manor includes 880 acres of land, 240 of which have been dedicated as an industrial park and the rest set up for recreational use.  Mayor Chris Marley says a portion of the property off Perkinsville Road is home to the Police Department’s shooting range, the Town’s rifle and pistol ranges and the model aviators’ facility.  Marley is hopeful similar recreational uses will fill in that area.  The central area will be multi-use and could include an expansion of the model aviators’ facility.  The Mayor’s Recreation Committee has recently been contacted regarding a motorsports facility, but Marley explains there are some significant hurdles to overcome before Town Council considers that proposal.  The Chino Valley Equestrian Association has finalized its location at one end of the recreation area, so it will be up to the Committee to ensure there is sufficient infrastructure to support all users.  

PV Town Council considers widening of roadway

The Prescott Valley Town Council met Thursday to consider the widening of a roadway that leads to the Town’s newest trail.  Prescott Valley Public Works Director Norm Davis explains the completion of the Glassford Hill Summit Trail in May has required enhanced roadway access of castle drive. Davis describes the timeline for this project. Earth Resources Corporation has submitted the low bid of more than $144K.  The Prescott Valley Town Council’s voting session will be held in the Library Auditorium on Civic Circle.  

PUSD approves $22M budget

The Prescott Unified School District will be starting the upcoming school year with a balanced budget.  School Board members have adopted the nearly 22 million dollar Fiscal Year 2017 budget, which is down about 600 thousand dollars from last year.  Superintendent Joe Howard says as in previous years, it’s been a lengthy budget process. Howard explains the District is looking good heading into the new school year. The Board has also approved a Director of Service Center position.  Last year, the Director of Transportation and the Director of Facilities were combined into 1 position.  This has proven to be successful, so the position will be in effect permanently.  

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