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Saturday, 30 April 2016 15:49

Opening Day at the Whiskey Off-Road Featured

Local fan favorite Chloe Woodruff placed third in the Fat Tire Crit. Local fan favorite Chloe Woodruff placed third in the Fat Tire Crit.

Prescott, Arizona, puts out the welcome mat for Mountain Bikers this weekend. 

Friday afternoon for the Whiskey Off-Road started with a quick 15 Proof Mountain Bike ride, uphill, 'round Thumb Butte, through the woods and back to downtown Prescott. Kevin Anderson from Prescott managed to glide across the finish line first, with a time of 1:31:16. About two and a half minutes later, Ivan Sippy from Durango, Colorado crossed the finish line, followed by more hometown riders, Theodore Fabian, and Travis Tillery. Lexi Hammes from Prescott was the first woman to cross, coming in fifth overall with a time of 1:38:32. 
The 15 Proof course is over 18 miles long, reaching altitudes of 7,000 feet. 

All in all, 165 participants took part in this opening ride on Friday afternoon, with nearly 1/3 coming from the quad-city area; about ten people came from out of state, one from as far away as Michigan. 

Friday night was the opportunity for the Pro Riders to have fun and show off some speed while riding in the Fat Tire Crit race. In this race, the riders are required to use the same make and model of bicycle that they will use on Sunday in the 50 Proof race, but their tires must have a minimum width of 1.5” or 38mm. The participants ride for 20 minutes plus three laps. Those that come in the top five will be called up to the front of the race line on Sunday for the 50 Proof race. On Friday evening, the women ride first, followed by the men.

For the women, hometown rider and fan favorite Chloe Woodruff came in third, behind Evelyn Dong (Boulder, Colorado) and Rose Grant (Whitefish, Montana). Maghalie Rochette (St. Jerome, Quebec) and Serena Bishop-Gordon (Bend, Oregon) rounded out the top five, to be called to the front of the pack for the Pro 50 Proof ride on Sunday. 

On the Men’s side, Todd Wells, (Durango, Colorado), crossed the finish line first, followed by Benjamin Sonntag, (Durango, Colorado); Cole House, (Oneida, Wisconsin); Cole Oberman, (Philadelphia, PA); and Brian Matter, (Sheboygan, Wisconsin). These men will also be offered a place in front of the line for Sunday’s race. 

The Men’s Pro 50 Proof will start at 8:30 AM on Sunday, and the Women’s will begin at 8:40 AM. 

The Whiskey Off-Road is part of the Off-Road Series of three races sponsored by Epic Rides. For Pros participating in all three races, there is an additional purse prize of $10,000 to be distributed to the top racers with the lowest cumulative time. Epic Rides,  offers equal payout to male/female categories. 

Racing dates are: 

Whiskey Off-Road: April 29th-May 1st

Grand Junction Off-Road: May 20th-22nd

Carson City Off-Road: June 17th-19th


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