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Thursday, 20 February 2014 18:53

Mesa Man Gives False Name, Finally Admits to Being Unregistered Sex Offender

Sgt. Brandon Bonney

Mesa man arrested after call for door to door solicitations

On February 15, 2014 at approximately 2:49 P.M Prescott Valley Police Officers were dispatched to the area of Ranger Road and Cheryl for a report of a salesman walking around the area with a gun on his hip. The man ran from the reporting party’s residence when they tried to call his company to verify he worked for them.

Officers located the subject around Hoffman and Spouse Drive. He was not found to have a firearm, but did have a knife. The man gave officers a name and personal information that did not come back with any records. The man eventually gave them his real name. He was identified as 28 year old Nicholas Daniel Dalrymple of the Mesa area. Dalrymple had several non extraditable warrants for his arrest out of Tennessee and Georgia. He admitted to lying about his information as he was a sex offender and had not registered in this state.

Dalrymple was arrested and booked for one (1) count of failing to comply with sex offender registration (F) and one (1) count of providing false information to law enforcement (M).

It is very important for citizens to call in suspicious behavior. This case highlighted several lessons. Any peddler in this town is required to display their peddler’s license. Even if out of compliance, they should be presenting it if requested by a resident. This individual fled the residence when the resident said they were going to check on their employment. This was definitely a red flag and the person did the right thing calling the police. In this case there were several likely reasons the suspect did not want confrontation or contact with police. Trusting your instincts and calling us with behavior you feel is suspicious is the right thing. It is important to call and let law enforcement investigate.

Last modified on Thursday, 20 February 2014 21:51
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