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If things keep going like this, look for continued price drops in the future.

March 22 Update from Yavapai County Community Health Services Second Death in AZ

As of Saturday morning, the number of cases in Arizona has risen to 106, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services, plus new information from the Yavapai County Health Department. 

Late this morning, the Yavapai County Health Department updated their website with news of two additional cases, including one in Prescott, bringing the total to three. Here is their press release: 

March 21 Update from Yavapai County Community Health Services

3 Cases in Yavapai County

There are currently 106 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Arizona, 394 tests have been completed, 240 ruled out, and 122 cases pending.

  • First death in AZ from COVID-19

  • 49 in Maricopa, 12 in Pima, 14 in Pinal, 10 in Navajo County, 11 in Coconino, 3 in Apache, 3 in Yavapai, 1 in Yuma, Graham and Yavapai

  • 2 new cases in Yavapai County. One in Prescott, another in Sedona.

  • Yavapai County Emergency Operations Center is operational

  • Yavapai County Emergency Phone bank re-engaged this morning 442-5103. Social Distancing is a Priority

  • Avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips, and social visits.

  • Do not visit or retirement or long-term care facilities unless to provide critical assistance.

  • Practice good hygiene:

    • Wash your hands, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface.

    • Avoid touching your face.

    • Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.

    • Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible including your phone.

The Governor is not considering a stay-at-home directive, but he and Dr. Christ, Director of AZ Dept of Health do advise to do so, without enforcement.

Stay home, especially if you or a loved one have an underlying medical condition or are elderly. If someone in your household has COVID-19 everyone in the household should stay home until you are recovered.

Dr. Christ warned that ‘AZ continues to face a national shortage of test collection supplies and lab reagents, and there are not enough tests at this time for everyone who wants to be tested. Those who do not have extreme symptoms like difficulty breathing, knowing whether they COVID-19 or something else, testing really won’t help them. There is no specific treatment for this disease, and the result of a COVID-19 test will not change your clinical treatment while you are sick.”

Be Proactive! Check out the CDC’s Coronavirus Self-Checker to assess your symptoms.

Not surprisingly, the largest jump was in Maricopa County, which rose from 34 to 49. But, other, smaller communities have been affected especially hard, such as Community of Chilchinbeto in Navajo County. 

Chilchinbeto has been declared a “Hot Spot” by the Navajo Office of Environmental Health and Protection Program, which is known as the Regulatory Authority. The current outbreak of COVID-19 is a condition of public health importance, and the Regulatory Authority has closed the entire community to the public and to visitors. You can read the Emergency Order here. 

In the meantime, Governor Ducey put out a notice that new supplies were on the way to Arizona. 

Note: Wondering why are people so concerned and treating this medical condition like it is worse than the flu? This health worker, a respiratory therapist in New Orleans, describes what the patients with severe cases experience, in the ProPublica article, "A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — Even in His Young Patients.” (Warning: The details are graphic.) "This is knocking out what should be perfectly fit, healthy people,” he said.



Update from Yavapai County Community Health Services

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