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Cowboy Poets Wax Eloquently at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center

Welcome to the 31st Annual Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering!

Prescott has a rich history of Cowboys walking, stumbling, or maybe crawling their way down Montezuma Street. Prescott's own Gail Gardener immortalized this in verse, in his 'Tying Knots in the Devils Tail' piece, 

"Oh they starts her off at Kentucky Bar at the head of Whiskey Row

And they winds up down at the Depot House some forty drinks below,"

…which is still revered among Cowboy Poets. This years Gathering brings Cowboys and Cowgirls, from Texas to Utah. Wickenburg, Prescott, and even California are represented.

The performers chosen have to meet a strict standard - as explained on the Arizona Cowboy Poets website: 

"The Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering has maintained a standard that has been abandoned by most other gatherings: that of inviting men and women who are now or have been in the past a part of the working cowboy’s environment and workplace. It is respected by the cowboy poets as one of the best gatherings in the country because we’ve done so much to maintain the true 'working cowboy' culture and heritage."

Its a long ride, but if opening night is any indication, the next two days and evenings (Friday and Saturday) will be full of stories, songs and poems full of cattle and cowboys. Its an event that shares ranch life with the community and brings in people from all over Arizona. From Ranch Wife poetry Emcee Sam Deleeuw, to songs by Pipp Gillette, J Parson, Suzie Killman and the Rusty Pistols Reloaded, to cowboy poetry from 14 year old Thatch Elmer and all the way to 2018 Gail Gardner Cowboy Poet Award winner Don Fernwalt.

The audience was captivated by Cowboy culture and verse. Headliners Jean and Gary Prescott closed with a collection of songs that made the cowboy west come alive for the listeners.

You can still join this celebration of all things western. Friday will feature: Host Mike Moutoux, Barry Ward and Amy Hale-Auker,Gary All Begretto, Dale Burson, and, all the way from Canada, Doris Daley. Saturday will round out with Host Kevin Beard, Jay Snider, The Broken Chair Band, Chris Isaacs, Gail Steiger, Floyd Beard, and the Music of Kevin Davis. 

For more information, check out their website at: https://azcowboypoets.org/

Click here to purchase tickets to the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering.


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