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Market Made Easy: Tax Season: Accounting for Small Businesses Featured

It’s that favorite time of year: Tax Season!

Carissa Maxwell and Kellen Hoskins sit down with Dakri Sutton, from Sutton Accounting and Tax.

Dakri works primarily with small businesses year 'round. 

Dakri reports that everything went live for taxes, and it all looks different!

Listen in to learn about:

  • Possible 20% tax deduction on net income and when it might phase out
  • Potential write-offs
  • Auto deductions
  • Licensing
  • Advertising
  • Tax credits and deductions

What kind of business entity you want to be:

  • S-Corp or C-Corp
  • LLC
  • Sole Proprietor

Sutton Accounting & Tax Website | Facebook

The Maxwell Group: Website | Facebook | Podcast Channel



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Last modified on Saturday, 02 February 2019 19:03
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