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Is It a Scam? Identifying Fake Email Featured

Sometimes we get email that looks pretty credible. But if you take a closer look, you’ll find plenty of signs that it’s fake. 

We’re going to take an in-depth look at an email I received and show you how it was a scam.

The email above was one I received from Chase. But, was it really?

Return Email Address

First thing to do is look at the full return email address: 

As you can see, Underarmour is not Chase. Obviously, a company can send out an email for another company. But, it is a sign of a questionable email. 

Font & Logo

Next, let’s look at the font and logo. Here is the real Chase font and logo: 

The email I received did not match the Chase’s actual font and logo.

Main Message

So, is the main message credible? Does it make sense that Chase would have sent it? It’s sort of possible, but not definitive.

They want you to click! Don’t.

If you click on a link in a spammy email, you run all sorts of risks. At the very least, they’ll get your email address. Unscrupulous operators also can do much further damage. 

Don’t click! 

Also, it’s worth noting that there may be several links (including an ‘unsubscribe’) for you to click on. Don’t click on those, either. 

Check out that fine print!

The fine print can tell you a lot. In this case, they’re transparently honest. So, be sure to read it all!

Make sense???

Does the wording make sense? Is the English appropriate? Are there spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors? These are all warning signs. 

Sometimes it’s even enough to make you laugh!

So, here’s your checklist:

  • Does it come from the right source?
  • Does it use the proper font and logo?
  • Is the message credible?
  • Any clues in the fine print?

Finally, when in doubt, don’t. Don’t click, don’t save, don’t forward. Just delete.

Extra Bonus

So, we’ve all been inundated with the spammy scam that offers such a great message but is sadly fake. Wouldn’t we all like to receive an extra $10.5 M? It’s just cruel - and ridiculous. Here’s one that I got today:

So, spend a few minutes and treat yourself to watching what happens when James Veitch actually replies to spam email. 



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Last modified on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 18:01
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