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Building an Online Store Starts With the Right Domain Name Featured

Four Qualities of the Best Domain Names for an Online Store

Have you decided to open an online store to sell a particular product? Are you trying to decide on a domain name for your new virtual store? It’s important to choose the right one because the reputation of your business will be tied to it for many years to come. Plus, a great domain name is a shopper's introduction to your business. Learn about four qualities of the best domain names for virtual stores.

Easy to Pronounce

A domain name for an online store must be easy to pronounce. If shoppers can’t pronounce the name, they will be less likely to remember it. Going with a name that has no other pronunciation than what it looks like is your best bet.


You must make your domain name memorable to everyone who sees it in an online search. Some store owners relate their domain names to the products they sell. Others like to relate the name to the shoppers they want to attract. For instance, if someone owns a virtual store that sells dog food, then the owner may come up with a domain name that somehow refers to people who love their dogs. The goal is to create a domain name that immediately pops into the minds of shoppers when they are in the market for whatever products you sell.

Easy to Spell

An easy spelling is essential in a domain name. Some shoppers will type your website into a search engine. You want to make the spelling easy, so the person travels directly to your website. One or two spelling mistakes could lead shoppers to a competitor’s store. Make finding your online store as easy as possible.


Uniqueness is very important in a domain name. Avoid choosing a name that is very similar to one of your competitor’s domain names. This can be confusing to shoppers and lead them away from your store. Plus, a unique domain name shows off your creativity and tells shoppers something about how much you care about your store and your reputation with customers. A unique name can even entice shoppers to visit your store just to look around at what you have. They may not be in need of the products you sell on that day, but they file the information away, so they can revisit when they do need something from your store.

After deciding on a name look for the cheapest domain name registration. You want to get your domain name registered and official before another business owner decides he or she wants to use it. From there, you can begin to build a business that is uniquely your own!

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Last modified on Saturday, 10 March 2018 19:41
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