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1st Northern AZ Authorized Private MVD Celebrates 20 Years Featured

By Travis Baldridge February 14, 2018 845

FooteWork Now Operates Four Offices, Issues Drivers Licenses, Titles, Registrations

In January of 1998, Ken Foote created FooteWork Auto License and Title Service Today, FooteWork, Northern Arizona’s first authorized third party MVD, is celebrating 20 years in business, operating four MVD offices in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood and Williams, AZ. and employing over 30 professionals. In the beginning, FooteWork was a "title service" which meant that Ken went to people's homes and businesses to pick up their titlework. He would then go to the state MVD, pull a number, wait for it to be called, then do no more than three transactions at a time. If there were more transactions he had that day, he would have to pull another number and repeat the process. In 1999, FooteWork was accepted into the Authorized Third Party Provider Program and opened their first office in Prescott.

The Authorized Third Party Program was originally established by ADOT to help alleviate the growing demands on the existing state MVD offices. In 1998, FooteWork began providing vehicle license, registration and title transactions to the public. In June of 2015, FooteWork began issuing drivers licenses out of it’s Prescott offices and now, FooteWork’s Prescott, Prescott Valley and Cottonwood offices issue Arizona Drivers Licenses, State IDs and Child IDs.

“Ken Foote and his team have raised the bar on processing MVD functions. Congratulation on your 20th anniversary and best wishes for your continued success in serving Yavapai County,” says State Senator Karen Fann (R), Arizona.

"FooteWork’s growth and success is due to our incredible customers and our wonderful employees. Ken believes the team at FooteWork are the unsung heroes and sometimes take for granted how good they are. Through its practices and core principals, FooteWork is recognized by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) as one of the leading third party providers for motor vehicle transactions. I feel this is due to our staff and FooteWork would not be what it is today without their dedication and professionalism,” says Ken Foote, Owner, FooteWork Auto License and Title Service. “Our customers loyalty is invaluable and greatly appreciated by all of us at FooteWork. Let’s make 2018 and beyond great for our communities!”j

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