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No Walmart Closures in Arizona Featured

By Lynne LaMaster January 16, 2016 1246

Arizona emerges unscathed by Walmart closures.

On Friday, Walmart announced a plan to close 269 stores worldwide, including their smaller format stores, Walmart Express. These stores had been in a pilot phase since 2011.

Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Walmart explained, "The large majority of U.S. stores closing are Walmart Express stores. While we have learned a lot from this pilot, including a deeper understanding of the everyday needs of our customers, we have decided not to proceed with this offering. We feel we can better serve our customers by focusing on Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets and by investing in e-commerce and services like Pickup.”

McMillon acknowledges that an estimated 10,000 US associates will be necessarily impacted. He says that they are hoping to move most of those associates into other nearby Walmarts. They will be given 60 days pay, possible severance (if eligible) and employment assistance.“Our goal is to help these associates and we will take all appropriate steps to ensure they are treated well,” McMillon stated.According to McMillon, these steps are being taken as part of smart portfolio management practices.

Nearly all of the stores will close by the end of January. Texas will have the most closures, with 29 affecting their state.

Closures by State

Alabama: 8 Walmart Express, 1 Supercenter

Alaska: 1 SupercenterArkansas: 10 Walmart Express, 1 Neighborhood Market

California: 4 Wal-Marts, 5 Neighborhood Markets

Colorado: 2 Neighborhood Markets

Connecticut: 1 Neighborhood MarketFlorida: 3 Walmart Express

Georgia: 7 Walmart ExpressIllinois 2 Walmart ExpressKansas 6 Walmart Express, 3 Neighborhood Markets

Louisiana: 8 Walmart Express

Maryland: 1 Wal-Mart

Massachusetts: 2 Sams Clubs

Michigan: 1 Supercenter, 1 Sams Club

Missouri: 4 Walmart Express

Mississippi: 6 Walmart Express

Nevada: 1 Supercenter

North Carolina: 16 Walmart Express, 1 Supercenter

Ohio: 1 SupercenterOklahoma 6 Walmart Express

Oregon: 2 Neighborhood Markets

Rhode Island: 1 Sams Club

South Carolina: 2 Walmart Express, 1 Supercenter

Tennessee: 4 Walmart Express, 1 Neighborhood Market

Texas: 20 Walmart Express, 4 Supercenters, 5 Neighborhood Markets

West Virginia: 1 SupercenterWisconsin 1 Wal-Mart, 3 Neighborhood Markets

However, there is good news on the horizon. In the US, Walmart plans to open 50-60 new Supercenters, 85-95 new Neighborhood Markets and 7-10 new Sam’s Clubs during FY 2017, which begins in February.

According to the Walmart store locator, there are 127 stores in Arizona.

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