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AZ Education

AZ Education

Arizona Department Education’s Grants Process Begins Earlier Than Ever

Local schools will get an increase in funding, thanks to the 2019 budget. But how much?

Mindful of a key faculty mentor's pivotal guidance, Kathy Lustyk 'pays it forward' to her own Embry-Riddle students

Time to put π to work.

Friendly competition yields bounty for YC students experiencing food insecurity

Embry-Riddle to Host VEX Robotics State Championship on Mar. 2 and 3

Our country is, once again, mourning a terrible school shooting. It is our worst nightmare.

There’s a new School of Business at Embry-Riddle.

They work hard and get great grades. And they’re excellent soccer players, too.

Embry-Riddle Prescott's Dami Coker Is Arizona’s Flight Instructor of the Year

Grabien: National Headlines

It’s beyond challenging to gather national news from Prescott, Arizona! That’s where Grabien comes in.
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