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Primary Election Night Winners and Losers Featured

Election Results, blue wave? 

The 2018 Primary election has concluded, and, while there are still outstanding ballots, in most of the races, there is a pretty clear idea of who will go on to the General election in November. 

Election lessons are interesting. Who voted? Why did this candidate win, and not that one? Who spent the most money? Who had the most signs?

Is there a visible 'blue wave'?

The blue wave? Looking at the numbers, it seemed to be more like a blue swell, but the Democrats are definitely stronger than they were in past elections.

We don’t have final numbers yet, there are still a lot of outstanding ballots statewide, but let’s take the governor’s race as an example.

Right now, we see about 886,431 votes cast for governor of either party. 

The Republicans cast 499,477 votes - about 56.3% of the total votes.

Democrats cast 386,954 ballots, 43.65%

In 2016
989,754 ballots cast
Democrats cast 38.09%
Republicans cast 61.3% of the ballots

2014, the last time there was a primary for governors, we had:
877,270 ballots cast
Democrats cast 36.50%
Republicans cast 62.62%

That means the Democrats have increased their voting percentage by about 5% over 2016, and 7% over 2014 in the 2018 primary voting.

In Yavapai County, you see a similar trend:

2018 (these numbers will change)
56,533 total ballots cast
Democrats cast 30.43%
Republicans cast 68.06%

55,082 total ballots cast
Democrats cast 25.54%
Republicans cast 73.23%

45,266 total ballots cast
Democrats cast 23.73%
Republicans cast 75.07%

Again, the 2018 numbers are preliminary, there are a lot of outstanding ballots yet throughout the state. But, historically the percentages get closer in the General. Republicans lose a few points, Democrats gain a few points. If that holds, the blue swell for the Primary, could potentially turn into a blue wave in the General this year. 


Here are the latest counts in individual races. Candidates with an *asterisk are leading, 2 **asterisks are guaranteed a place in the November General Election, and 3 ***asterisks means they are unopposed in the November General Election :

Statewide Results: Federal offices

US Senator, Republican

*Martha McSally 52.9%
Kelly Ward 28.2%
Joe Arpaio 18.93%

US Senator, Democrat

*Kyrsten Sinema 80.5%
Deedra Abboud 19.51%

District 1 US Representative in Congress, Republican

*Wendy Rogers 43.68%
Steve Smith 37.78%
Tiffany Shedd 18.54%

District 1 US Representative in Congress, Democrat

**Tom O’Halleran 100%

District 4 US Representative in Congress, Republican

**Paul Gosar 100%

District 4 US Representative in Congress, Democrat

*David Brill 53.1%
Delina DiSanto 46.9%

Statewide Results: State Offices

Governor, Republican

*Doug Ducey, 70.5%
Ken Bennett, 29.5%

Governor, Democrat

*David Garcia 49.20%
Steve Farley 33.67%
Kelly Fryer 17.13%

Secretary of State, Republican

*Steve Gaynor 67.32%
Michele Reagan 32.68%

Secretary of State, Democrat

**Katie Hobbs, 100%

Attorney General, Republican 

**Mark Brnovich 100%

Attorney General, Democrat

**January Contreras, 100%

State Treasurer, Republican

*Kimberly Yee 58.2%
Jo Ann Sabbagh, 41.8%

State Treasurer, Democrat

**Mark Manoil 100%

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Republican

*Frank Riggs, 22.04%
Bob Branch, 21.78%
Diane Douglas, 21.64%
Tracy Livingston, 19.92%
Jonathan Gelbart, 14.63%

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Democrat

*Kathy Hoffman, 52.76%
David Schapira 47.24%

State Mine Inspector, Republican

**Joe Hart 100%

State Mine Inspector, Democrat

**William Pierce 100%

Corporation Commissioner, Republican (elect 2)

*Justin Olson, 24.86%
*Rodney Glassman, 22.75%
James O’Connor 21.69%
Tom Forese, 15.96%
Eric Sloan, 14.74%

Corporation Commissioner, Democrat (elect 2)

*Sandra Kennedy, 45.31%
*Kiana Maria Sears 27.73%
William Mundel 26.96%

Legislative Offices

State Senator, District 1 Republican

**Karen Fann, 100%

State Senator, District 1, Democrat

**Jo Craycraft, 100%

State Representative, District 1, Republican (elect 2)

*Noel Campbell, 42.5%
*David Stringer, 36.82%
Jodi Rooney, 20.68%

State Representative, District 1, Democrat (elect 2)

Jan Manolis 58.1%
Ed Gogek, 41.9%

Yavapai County Results (note: there are still 6700+ outstanding ballots)

Clerk of the Superior Court

***Donna McQuality 99.72%

Judge of Superior Court, Division 1

***David Mackey 99.70%

Judge of Superior Court, Division 2

***John Napper, 99.71%

Judge of Superior Court, Division 3

***Tina Ainley, 99.69%

Judge of Superior Court, Division 5

***Cele’ Hancock, 99.64%

Judge of Superior Court, Division 6

***Anna Young, 99.66%

Justice of the Peace, Bagdad/Yarnell

Shelly Bacon, 39.77%
*Dowling Dennis, 59.98%

Justice of the Peace, Mayer

***Bill Rummer, 99.25%

Constable, Mayer

Hank Hellman, 42.87%
*Donny Oen, 56.97%

Justice of the Peace, Prescott

Mitch Padilla, 45.19%
*Glenn Savona, 54.61%

Constable, Prescott

***Ron Williams, 99.63%

Justice of the Peace, Seligman

Ethan Burch, 9.85%
Ben Emery, 26.26%
Janice Kulp, 10.07%
*Dominick Sarno, 52.52%

Constable, Seligman

***Luis Alvarez, 98.39%

Justice of the Peace, Verde Valley

***Bill Lundy 99.39%

Constable, Verde Valley

***Jody Fanning, 98.84%

Camp Verde Mayor

Jackie Baker, 44.96%
*Charles C. German, 49.23%

Camp Verde Council, 4 year term (vote 3)

*Joe Butner, 24.52%
Bruce George, 18.33%
Carol German, 17.82%
*Bill Lebeau, 20%
*Robin Whatley, 18.99%

Chino Valley Mayor, 2 year term

***Darryl Croft, 98.78%

Chino Valley Council Member, 4 year term (vote for 3)

***Cloyce Kelly, 31.98%
***Corey Mendoza 32.39%
***Lon Turner, 35.08%

Chino Valley Council, Member, 2 year term

***Mike Best, 99.11%

Clarkdale Council Member, 4 year term (vote for 2)

*William Regner, 29.84%
*Benjamin Kramer, 29.37%
Bob Ingulli, 16.88%
Eileen, Sydow, 23.16%

Cottonwood Council Member, 4 year term, (vote for 3)

*Kyla Allen, 22.89%
*Doug Hulse, 22.52%
*Michael Mathews, 19.85%
Jackie Nairn, 18.58%
Bill Tinnin, 15.76%

Dewey-Humboldt Mayor

*Terry Nolan, 55.73%
Victoria Wendt, 43.73%

Dewey-Humboldt Council, 4 year term (vote 3)

*Karen Brooks, 24.82%
*Lynn Collins, 18.43%
*Mark McBrady, 19.98%
Doug Treadway, 18.29%
Nancy Wright, 17.93%

Jerome Council, 2 year term (vote for 5)

*Hunter Backrach, 17.57%
*Christina Barber, 17.57%
Nicholas Bartell, 8.88%
*Jack Dillenberg, 15.58%
*Sage Q. Harvey, 14.13%
Frank Vander Horst, 12.68%
*Mandy Worth, 13.04%

Prescott Valley Mayor, 4 year term 

*Kell Palguta, 51.19%
Mike Whiting, 48.67%

Prescott Valley Council, 4 year term (vote 2)

***Donald Packard, 49.61%
***Kendall Schumacher, 49.91%

Sedona Mayor, 2 year term

Pete Conrad 24.55%
*Sandra Moriarty, 54.10%
Tony Tonsich 21.21%

Sedona Council 4 year term (vote 3)

Bill Chisholm, 16.84%
Brock Delinski, 8.01%
Janice Howes Hudson, 20.27%
Scott Jablow, 18.71%
Noelle, Julian, 16.31%
Salvatore Tardio, 13.86%
Jim Weis, 5.42%

Sedona Council Member, 2 year term (vote 1)

Mike Ward 46.93%
*Jessica Williamson 52.82%

Sedona, Prop 444 (Home Rule)

Yes: 66.96%
No: 33.04%

Jerome Question:

For 4 years staggered, 48.18%
Against 4 years staggered, 51.82%


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