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Sedona Fire District Responds to Multiple Suspicious Fires Featured

By Jon Davis October 08, 2017 1099

A trash can fire at the West Sedona School is being investigated.  

SEDONA – (October 8, 2017) – At 6:16 this morning Sedona Fire District firefighters responded to a trash can fire at 570 Posse Ground Rd which is the location of West Sedona School. Responding units noticed multiple fires burning in different locations and called for Sedona Police Department and SFD Fire Investigators to assist. 

“With one exception, all of the fires were relatively small and most were contained to trash cans” said Fire Marshal Jon Davis, “Most of the fires had consumed the rubbish inside the cans and had already self-extinguished prior to our arrival. One fire was set inside some lockers located on the exterior of the building. That fire did extend into the wall but did not get inside of the adjacent classroom. 

Sedona Police Detectives and SFD Fire Investigators were able to determine that a total of 25 different fires were set at three different properties. Seven fires were ignited at 570 Posse Ground Rd, West Sedona School; six fires were set at 525B Posse Ground Rd., The Sedona Hub; and 12 fires were set at 525 Posse Ground Rd., Posse Ground Park. 

Sedona Police Department has two suspects in custody for the fires. “There is no ongoing threat to the public” said Fire Marshal Davis, “Thanks to eyewitnesses and some great police work, the Sedona Police Department have the suspects in custody.” All further inquiries regarding the criminal investigation should be directed to SGT. Pott with SPD. 

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