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Tucson Fire Crews Rescue Man From Eucalyptus Tree Featured

By Jessica Nolte, PIO Tucson Fire Department September 08, 2018 309


TFD units responded to a home in the 2300 block of East Seneca Street this afternoon after a man working in one of the trees inthe backyard had becometrapped. A eucalyptus tree was being trimmed when a large section that had been cut knocked into himand caused him to slip. He was then pinned facedown into a fork of the main tree trunk higher up

Fire personnel arrived to the scene just after 4 o’clock and the 56-year old man in the tree was alert and responsive. Visibility ofthe patient was an initialchallenge for crews given some of the tree trimmings had come down on him. The tree was located in aback corner of the yard with power lines on thenorth side. The lines were also an initial concern for getting a second groundladder extended for the rescue. The power lines, running through a smallalleyway, were distanced far enough from the tree andthe yard to not hinder patient access and crew safety.

After securing anchors and straps, firefighters took to the ladders to secure the patient with his own rescue harness. He waslowered from the tree and ontoan awaiting gurney around 4:50 P.M. The crews in the tree communicated to paramedics where hehad indicated pain/concerns of injury and he wastransported to the hospital. Outside of visible cuts on his face and limbs andverbal confirmation of pain in one of his hips, the remaining extent of hisinjuries would be determined at the hospital.

Initially eleven Tucson Fire units responded, however some were returned to service, with seven remaining at the rescue. Over fifteen firefighters were on-scene. No injuries were reported by responding crews.

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