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Yavapai News

Yavapai News

School Resource Deputy gives Commencement Address at Mayer High School

Sandra Pagniano’s body was found around noon today.

Volunteers recognized for their Search & Rescue efforts.

Tanner Dodt brings home 2nd place in the 2017 Arizona State Spelling Bee.

Keeping information from law enforcement regarding her boyfriend’s whereabouts resulted in an arrest.

It’s time for one of Prescott’s favorite events. Let your inner chalk monster out.

Early CPR Saves Mans Life in Chino Valley

A fire is raging at Central Yavapai Fire Department. No, it doesn’t have tangible flames or smoke that burns the eyes, but it’s a fire nonetheless, and it's found in the relationships between some of the staff and some of the Board members. 

Recent Incidents Overview – Shots Fired at Occupied Vehicle & Airplane suffers Hard Landing in Seligman  

Human Remains found in Remote area of Bagdad   

Grabien: National Headlines

It’s beyond challenging to gather national news from Prescott, Arizona! That’s where Grabien comes in.
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