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Lost Man and Dog Found Safe on Mt. Elden Featured

By Jon Paxton, Coconino County Sheriff’s Office February 09, 2020 420

Both the hiker and his dog were uninjured.

Flagstaff, AZ – On February 6 at approximately 7:30pm the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit responded to a stranded hiker off-trail on Mount Elden. The 31-year-old male hiker and his dog were stranded in the boulders on the south side of Mount Elden below Devils Chair. 

A local Flagstaff resident had gone out for a hike at around 4:00 pm with his dog.  He intended to hike up Mount Elden starting at a Forest Service access point at the base of Mount Elden off Skyline road and Forrest Brook trail in Flagstaff.  The Subject had worked his way up to the Blue Dot trail, through a network of social trails, which are unmarked trails.  During his return down the Social trails he got turned around and lost.  The lost subject contacted 911 at approximately 7:30 pm and Search and Rescue personnel from the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office were called out and deployed.  

Search and Rescue personnel speaking by phone with the lost subject advised him to stay at his current location.  GPS coordinates were obtained off the subject’s 911 call and 2 teams of searchers were deployed from different directions to locate the subject and his dog. 

Rescuers were able to locate the subject and his dog in good condition and walk them out safely at 11:34pm.  The subject and dog were uninjured and not in need of any medical attention. Both the Subject and his dog walked home safely from the same Forrest Service access point at the Skyline Road and Forrest Brook trail location from where they started. 

The Sheriff’s Office is happy for a the safe outcome of this event but would like to remind anyone planning on hiking to be prepared for the weather or elements and always have the ten essentials.

2. Food   
3. Extra Clothing   
4. Map Compass, GPS   
5. Headlamp / Flashlight    
6. First Aid kit   
7.  Shelter Material / Space Blanket   
8. Fire Starting Kit / Matches   
9.  Pocket Knife / Multi-Tool 
10. Whistle / Signal Mirror
Additional Winter back Country essentials – Shovel, Avalanche Beacon, Avalanche Probe

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