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Recent Phone Scams Spoofing Coconino County Sheriff Number Featured

By Coconino Sheriff's Office March 17, 2018 821

Update on Recent Phone Scams Spoofing Coconino County Sheriff Number


We have been informed that there may be another phone scam occurring in which the scammer has "spoofed" the caller ID information to show 928-226-5009 Coconino County Sheriff. It is very possible the scammers will use other phone numbers that are real numbers at our agency. They also regularly find out names of real people at businesses and agencies and pretend to be that person. Be aware that this type of scam is used by criminals to misrepresent themselves as calling from any number of real businesses / agencies.

Scammers have become very adept at spoofing caller IDs to make it appear to be a legitimate business or phone number. Sometimes they use a fake phone number but add a caller ID label that is a real business name. Sometimes they spoof a legitimate phone number associated with business or agency.

Always remember that you can hang up and call back a phone number that you know to be the legitimate for the agency. For example, if the person claims to be from your credit card or bank, don't assume the phone number they provide you to call back is legitimate. Look up the phone number on the back of your credit card or find the legitimate website for the agency to get a customer service phone number to call back.


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