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Glendale Fire Department Releases Victims Name And Fire Cause

Frantz Beasley served 14 years in prison. He now runs AZ Common Ground to help others like him.

Suspicious package found, investigated at Town Court Building

About 200 people gathered at Prescott College on Monday to march in Martin Luther King’s honor. 

Scottsdale Airport is closed after aircraft accident

Juveniles assaulted officers at the Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Center

Neither the ADPS Trooper or motorist he was assisting at the scene of the collision were injured.

AOPA Fly-In Coming to Prescott Airport!

For car enthusiasts, this is an event worth putting on your calendar. It's Arizona's Classic Car Season.

Grabien: National Headlines

It’s beyond challenging to gather national news from Prescott, Arizona! That’s where Grabien comes in.
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