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Today: 26.Jun.2017
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Dwight D'Evelyn

Dwight D'Evelyn

Dwight D'Evelyn, YCSO Media Coordinator
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The name of the deceased is released. 

Catherine Sposito Homicide 30 Year Anniversary, Cold Case Investigation remains Active – Detectives seeking whereabouts of a Firearm

YCSO Deputy locates 6.5 Pounds of Meth during Traffic Stop 

PANT detectives arrest drug dealer following foot chase. 

David Pagniano indicted on 1st Degree Murder charges of his wife, Sandra.

School Resource Deputy gives Commencement Address at Mayer High School

The drugs were hidden beneath the bed of the truck.

A fire started at the auto salvage yard on Smitty Way is estimated to be at 15 acres.

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Sandra Pagniano’s body was found around noon today.

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