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Today: 22.Aug.2017
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Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster

A Domestic Dispute suspect is in custody, the fire has been brought under control.

The petitions will now be sent to County Recorders across the state for review. 

Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses: Your Community May Be at Risk

“I can’t believe they’d say that…”

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It was June 24, 2017 when the Goodwin Fire started. 

Last week, we looked at VR- aka, Virtual Reality. This week, we take a look at AR, or otherwise known as Augmented Reality. 

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Slow down and watch for overnight work crews on State Route 89 in Prescott

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We hear people talking about VR and AR. But what does that mean? Why should you care?

During a press conference held in his office, local Attorney Chris Jensen announced he had filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mary Beth Hrin, mayoral candidate for the City of Prescott. 

Mokulele Airlines embarked on a hiring project - and was amazed to receive over 130 applications. But one in particular stood out.

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