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Today: 27.Mar.2017
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Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster

Sunday is Purple Day - a time dedicated to the awareness of epilepsy. 

According to a report in Bloomberg, Albertsons and Sprouts are in preliminary merger discussions.

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It’s the International Day of the Forest!

The lovely warm weather also brings creeping and crawling creatures. Here’s how to live as snake-free as possible. 

All across the country, people are fiddling with their clocks.

Saturday’s Arizona High School Mock Trial for Region 7 took place at the Yavapai County Courthouse, pitting ten teams from five schools in a courtroom-style competition. 

Whispers of Truth explores Pam Pearsall’s experiences from a tragic childhood to her struggles as an elected official. 

As anticipated, President Trump issued a revised Executive Order as protection against possible terrorist entry into the United States.

Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who joined Trump’s Make America Great Again effort early on, was the featured speaker at the Annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner last week.

Not everyone is running to attack the United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions for alleged conversations with Russia. 

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