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Today: 24.Mar.2017
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Garden Design for Small Spaces. Designing a Small Garden Differs from Designing a Large Garden. Techniques for beautiful gardens.

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It’s time to take flight at Watters Garden Center

Published in Prescott Area

Huge harvest in small space. Things You Need to Know About Square Foot Gardening. How to maximize your raised beds.

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Why it's best to plant tomatoes outside from plants instead of from seed. Tomato trivia. Where to find best local tomato varieties.

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Pruning Advice


How to prune plants properly. When to prune and when not to prune. Pruning advice no longer considered viable.

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The history of Christmas trees and their original meaning.  Martin Luther the first Christian to bring a tree into his home in 1530.  Americans shun Christmas trees until fashionable England changes the public's mind.  21 million trees will be sold this year.  

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December tips for better gardens, houseplants, lawns, trees, and shrubs. Greenhouse tips and bird advice to close out the season. 

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Color combinations for style through Autumn. Best small evergreen trees for pots. Small evergreens that dress up containers. Winter flowers that bloom.


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Tips for making gardening more enjoyable: Less work & more time to enjoy the out of doors.  
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Tips to Grow Better Cilantro and to Increase a Coriander Harvest

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