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Today: 29.Apr.2017
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Your neighborhood wild bunny wants to eat your garden!

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Unusual plants you can eat. Edible perennials that are pretty. Fun edible flowers that can be planted for Mother's Day.Vegetable calendar that works in Arizona.

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Identify common insects and diseases in your garden

These are my favorite spring show-off shrubs.

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Ladybugs are the natural way to control aphids, scales, mealy bugs, white flies and mites.

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Garden Design for Small Spaces. Designing a Small Garden Differs from Designing a Large Garden. Techniques for beautiful gardens.

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It’s time to take flight at Watters Garden Center

Published in Prescott Area

Huge harvest in small space. Things You Need to Know About Square Foot Gardening. How to maximize your raised beds.

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Why it's best to plant tomatoes outside from plants instead of from seed. Tomato trivia. Where to find best local tomato varieties.

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Pruning Advice


How to prune plants properly. When to prune and when not to prune. Pruning advice no longer considered viable.

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