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Today: 20.Feb.2018
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Another round of storms is on the way. 

Published in KQNA News

Did you get any rain today?

Published in Arizona News

Road construction and rain expected in Northern Arizona.

Published in KQNA News

The National Weather Service issues an urgent winter weather warning.

Published in Coconino County

Respect the plow! Help ADOT help you by giving snowplows space

Published in Arizona News

ADOT’s advice: Research conditions, slow down and delay travel if necessary

Published in Arizona News

Too much rain can stress and kill plants.  Sick plants show their autumn...

Published in Columns

Yavapai College invests $2M in PV campus.

Published in KQNA News

Cloud Seeding Stimulates Rain From Clouds

Published in Arizona News

Rain is in the forecast.

Published in KQNA News
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