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Today: 24.May.2017
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Local herb show offs.  Which perennial herbs grow best?  Easy to grow, bullet -proof herbs that are pretty and fragrant.  “Once and Done” herbs.

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Your neighborhood wild bunny wants to eat your garden!

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It’s a little red beetle that helps control unwanted pests. 

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We’re ready, let’s get to Spring! 

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Easiest vegetables to sow directly into the garden. Big harvests and easy to grow.  More food this spring.

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Pruning Advice


How to prune plants properly. When to prune and when not to prune. Pruning advice no longer considered viable.

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Design suggestions for small spaces. Small plants that thrive on low maintenance. Best plants for narrow side yards. Deciding on a Walkway or Pathway

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Tips for making gardening more enjoyable: Less work & more time to enjoy the out of doors.  
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Tips to Grow Better Cilantro and to Increase a Coriander Harvest

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Review of Vinegar as a Weed Killer

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