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Today: 16.Dec.2017
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A butterfly garden in your landscape.  List of plants butterflies find irresistible.  Designing and building a butterfly habitat.   

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Plants that rarely need water. Easy to care for Yavapai friendly plants.
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July is National Blueberry Month, and also the month to add new blueberry plants to mountain gardens.

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Every flower gardener can provide a link in the life chain of this threatened butterfly.

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Summer flowers that thrive when temps are over 90º

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Evergreens need to be very hardy to survive in Arizona’s mountain areas.

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How to grow giant pumpkins. Four things needed to grow really big pumpkins. Fun kids garden project. Growing 100 to 1000 pound pumpkins. Insiders tips to really big pumpkins.

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Local herb show offs.  Which perennial herbs grow best?  Easy to grow, bullet -proof herbs that are pretty and fragrant.  “Once and Done” herbs.

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Your neighborhood wild bunny wants to eat your garden!

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It’s a little red beetle that helps control unwanted pests. 

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