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Today: 19.Feb.2018
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Nominate your favorite teacher as the Teacher of the Year!

Published in Yavapai News

Governor Ducey Requests Federal Loan Assistance Following Yavapai County Wildfire, Floods

Published in Arizona News

Fire restrictions are being lifted due to changing conditions.

Published in Yavapai News

In Yavapai County, there are 6000 write-in ballots for this year’s Presidential election, and those are still being processed and counted. 

Published in Yavapai News

She Will be Speaking About How State Trust Lands are Managed for Economic Return

Published in Yavapai News

August Single Family Home Sales Spike Year Over Year According to Assessor Pearsall

Published in Yavapai News

Voter Registration Update Required

Published in Yavapai News

Whether your favorite candidate did or did not win, don’t count the election as over yet. 


Published in Yavapai News
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