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Today: 27.Jun.2017
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Summer flowers that thrive when temps are over 90º

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Local herb show offs.  Which perennial herbs grow best?  Easy to grow, bullet -proof herbs that are pretty and fragrant.  “Once and Done” herbs.

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It’s a little red beetle that helps control unwanted pests. 

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The inside scoop on ice melt products, both pro and con. How to use de-icers without damaging plants, pets, and birds.

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You’ll want the freshest tree on the lot.

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Design suggestions for small spaces. Small plants that thrive on low maintenance. Best plants for narrow side yards. Deciding on a Walkway or Pathway

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Too much rain can stress and kill plants.  Sick plants show their autumn...

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Fall flowers allow our gardens to bloom all winter, but timing is everything with these autumn and winter show offs. Transition summer bloomers from the garden to make room for these five plants and your garden will have blooms for the holidays.

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Local shoppers like local retailers.
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Tips for Choosing and Growing Local Roses 

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