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Today: 20.Feb.2018
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Prescott Named Best Value Town In the Southwest, beating out Scottsdale; Silver City, New Mexico and Los Alamos, New Mexico. 

Published in Arizona News

The History Behind Arizona's Public Safety Personnel Retirement System, How The Fund Was Hurt After Financial Downturns and How It Has Affected The Various Cities in Arizona.

Published in Arizona News

Prescott is a Nature Lover’s paradise. Really. And that includes the surrounding the communities. 

Published in Arizona News

Fire at Door and Window Store causes $50K in damages.

Published in Yavapai News

Three Local Prescott Hotels Partner With Clean The World To Help Save Lives

Published in Business & Tech

Prescott Enjoys Positive Numbers and Top Reviews During 2017 National Travel and Tourism Week

Published in Arizona News

These are my favorite spring show-off shrubs.

Published in Columns

Huge harvest in small space. Things You Need to Know About Square Foot Gardening. How to maximize your raised beds.

Published in Columns

Probably the busiest time of the year in Prescott is the Christmas season, and it starts now!

Published in Prescott Area
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