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Today: 11.Dec.2017
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Scott Helfinstine wrote and created this tribute - 

Scott wanted to thank the following people:

Special thanks to wife Nancy.

Pictures - Chief Darrell Willis and daughters Kimmy and Courtney

Musicians and vocalists - Bob and Julie Huch and Bob Donaldson

Audio - Jeff Robertson and Zack Drake of Big Picture Video

Inspiration - Hotshots everywhere, especially son Luke

Potential benefits are usually available for spouse survivors.


Your social, gaming, purchasing lives are merging. Have you noticed?


In his radio show, eNewsMoney, Jim Robb looks at a couple of the Arizona financial stories from this week, and interviews Lynne LaMaster, the founder of Prescott eNews & eNewsAZ.


This week's TED Talk is ultimately about being satisfied and fulfilled, doing what you love to do.


This week's TED Talk looks at the movies kids watch.

When disasters strike, despite the immediate response by so many well-intentioned people and organizations, it's often hard to know where to turn.

A look back at Social Security over the years. 

Social/casual gaming is huge, and expected to only get bigger. 


How Long Before I Can Qualify Again to Buy a House?


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Editor Lynne LaMaster


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