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Today: 20.Feb.2018
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The house you needed while raising kids, may not be the house you need in retirement.


Come see the beautiful colors in the high country!


Getting ready for Autumn gardening.


As we all know, the Federal Government has shut down due to a lack of funds to continue operating. Here are some random facts to ponder:

1. This is the first government shutdown in 17 years - the last time it happened, Fife Symington was Governor of Arizona, and Bill Clinton was President of the US.

2. Ford and Carter had 6 partial government shutdowns over federal funding for abortion, affecting only the Departments of Labor & Health, Education and Welfare.

3. There have been 11 shutdowns over the issue of the US budget deficit. 

4. The shortest shutdown lasted 1 day, the longest, 21 days. 

5. Of the 18 shutdowns, 15 have been under the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives. Nine have been under a Republican-controlled Senate.



American history comes with modern safety and convenience features.


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