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Today: 23.Nov.2014
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Arizona's Elected Officials Respond to President's Immigration St...

Here are the statements from our State elected officials. This may be updat...

President Obama Makes His Case for Executive Immigration Action...

The Administration makes the case for Executive Immigration Action. Include...

Ortega Seasoning Recall...

Ortega Seasoning recall due to peanuts and almonds.  ...

Press Conference Tuesday Opposing Internet Sales Tax...

Rep. Gosar to Speak at Press Conference Tuesday Opposing Internet Sales Tax...

Gas Prices Continue to Drop Despite Upcoming Holiday Season...

Prices still in a downfall. ...

AZ House of Representatives Picks Committee Chairs...

Some of the Representatives, such as Karen Fann, LD1, are taking on new res...

Sen. McCain on Receiving the 'Peace Through Strength' Award At Re...

Remarks by Senator John McCain on Receiving the 'Peace Through Strength' Aw...

A New Twist to Scamming...

Scammers and a New Twist to Ensnare Victims ...

AZ Communities
Latest news across Arizona
22 November 2014
And you thought only Santa had a workshop full of elves making toys for children! It’s called, 'Yavapai Toy Makers’ - a non-profit group that makes and donates more than 500 toys a month to
22 November 2014
Welcome to Our New Commander of Detention Services - Matthew Figueroa r
22 November 2014
22 November 2014
Sheriff’s Personnel Respond to Multiple, Unrelated Death Events over
20 November 2014
 On Nov. 18, 2014, at approximately 12:28 p.m., Pinal County
K-12, Colleges & Universities, Education News
22 November 2014
Foreign students in U.S. in record numbers; Arizona a leading destination Foreign Students in the US Foreign students in U.S. colleges and universities totaled 886,052 last year, a
06 November 2014
Use extra caution when driving, riding or hiking in the Prescott National
30 October 2014
Prescott College Names John Flicker as New President October 30, 2014
28 October 2014
Closing Two Schools, Repurposing Two More, Combining Another Two It
28 October 2014
State Board Of Education Adopts Principles to Guide  New A-F School

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20 November 2014
The cold vaporized summer flowers, but this pot of flowers brings the landscape back to life.  Pruning can be bad before the New Year.  Instead, give the yard a ‘haircut’ that brings order
20 November 2014
It seems like such a trivial way to get a felony charge on your record for
18 November 2014
European Space Agency makes first ever landing on the surface of a comet.
15 November 2014
You Can Help As A Representative Payee November is Family
15 November 2014
A Drone enables the rescue of a trapped window cleaner.

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  • It seems like such a trivial way to get a felony charge on your record for life.
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