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Today: 28.Nov.2015
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Holiday Safety Tips...

It’s important to be careful when enjoying festivities with friends a...

84 Starving Phoenix Sheep Seized by Department of Agriculture...

Department saves Phoenix Sheep from Starvation ...

State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert...

The State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert for US citizensdue...

Marco Rubio Files for PPE on Republican Ballot...

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio files for PPE ...

AZ Fuel Price Averages Could Fall Below $2/gal...

Prescott area prices creep up a tiny bit ...

Your Savory Recipe For Retirement...

Getting ready for retirement. ...

New Global Tools in Fire Fighting Technology...

Early detection of wildfires offers a fighting chance ...

Child Pornographer Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison...

Child Pornographer Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison  ...

AZ Communities
Latest news across Arizona
24 November 2015
LET’S TALK TURKEY (Phoenix) As part of Turkey Tuesday, director Mark Killian rallied staff at the Department of Agriculture to bring in donations for St. Vincent de Paul.“We may be
21 November 2015
National Adoption Day was a time for celebration in Judge Anna
19 November 2015
How to Spot Fake Charity Donation Bins   Phoenix, AZ - With
17 November 2015
 AG Brnovich Seeks Contempt of Court Order Against Used Car
12 November 2015
It’s that day again!Are you suffering from a severe case of
K-12, Colleges & Universities, Education News
03 November 2015
Voters Approve Additional Funding for Yavapai County School Districts________________________________________   Two communities in Yavapai County received overwhelming voter approval for
02 November 2015
It’s going to be cold. The figure above indicates the forecasted
06 October 2015
The Classrooms First Initiative Council comes to Prescott. PHOENIX
17 September 2015
Douglas didn’t attend the Board of Education meeting. 
10 September 2015
The CTEC facility has been renovated and improved.  Prescott, AZ

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24 November 2015
Creating Independence and Pride at Yavapai Exceptional Industries   If you live in the Quad Cities region of Northern Arizona and you are not familiar with YEI!, you should be. Yavapai
24 November 2015
Well, it’s a classic dish. But it’s not as common in Arizona
24 November 2015
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Thanksgiving Dinner!
23 November 2015
With the cold comes…Wind. And not much else, it appears  
21 November 2015
A gorgeous day for a ride. According to Days of the Year, Sunday is

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